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Sr. Aleena RodriguesSnehanilayam Special School was founded in the year 1977 and managed by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.” the vision of the school is to empower the intellectually challenged children through education and training”.

There is twenty five staff in the school, in that 15 of them are special educators, a speech therapist, Physiotherapist, sports and yoga teacher, Dance teacher, Music teacher and an art teacher.

The strength of the School is hundred and twenty. The classes are divided into five namely pre-primary, primary, secondary, pre-vocational and vocational. At the pre-primary, primary and secondary level the children are taught the academics that ate functionally relevant and useful in the daily life, it includes reading, writing, time money and measurement. At the pre-vocation level the children are taught some skills according to their ability which will help them in their future to earn some money. And at the vocational level the y are involved in making different material with wood which is useful in the K.G schools. An individual education programme is planned for each child after considering the ability, age, need, social background and current level of functioning of the child. After the assessment the teacher fixes the new goals for the child.

We also train them in arts and crafts, Music and Dance, Home science, Home Management, Gardening, Band, Sports, Physical Exercises, Yoga ect. The students are trained to participate in Special Olympics meet and in cultural programmes at school, state and National levels.

The school has a good and supportive PTA as well as the dedicated volunteers to help the management at any time.

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The Institution is registered as a Charitable Society under the Travencore Cochin Literary, Scientific Charitible Societies Registration Act 1955 vide order PR 176/77 dated 14-07-1977, Govt. of India.
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