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Special school chidrenWe, the Management, the parents, teachers and the differently abled children earnestly seek your help and support in our strive for a better future. Those who wish to help in any area of activity of Snehanilayam may donate either in cash or kind and we will, forever, remain indebted to you for your kind gesture and generosity. Though the Management supports to maintain the infrastructure, the day to day maintenance of the School is to be resourced from the society. The limited fees collected from the students will not be sufficient for anything as the expenses are huge as these children need extra amenities and very high number of staff though the strength is limited. Many of the parents are not in a position to pay higher fees due to the economic positions. We have designed few sponsorship options to suit anyone to spare little depending on their possible budgets for charity.


  1. All donations to the school should be through crossed cheque/DD in favour of Snehanilayam Special School Maintenance a/c
  2. Complete address of donors with PIN code and Telephone Numbers required
  3. The donations to the school are eligible for deductions under section 80G of the Income Tax Act vide order No. C/80/CHN/12A/TECH.79/2002-2003
  4. The Institution is registered under section 12/A of the Income tax Act 1961 vide order No.C/80/CHN/12A/TECH.79/2002-2003

The Institution is also registered as a charitable Society under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific charitable societies Registration Act 1955 vide order PR 176/77 dated 14/7/1977
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The Institution is registered as a Charitable Society under the Travencore Cochin Literary, Scientific Charitible Societies Registration Act 1955 vide order PR 176/77 dated 14-07-1977, Govt. of India.
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